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Rehab to Better Health

Here at Pro Staff Institute, we believe in treating our patients not just their injuries or conditions.

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Our Services

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy & Certified Hand Therapy

Sports Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Anti-Gravity Treadmill AlterG®

Vestibular/Balance Therapy

Vision Therapy

Patient Testimonials

I wanted to connect with you guys to thank you for the professional services you provided for me for the last 5+months. I have nothing but praise for how [you] and your staff gave me professional services, second to none, and I appreciate you and your efforts. I am almost back and doing exercises at my gym 3 days a week. I’m almost back… incidentally, I am looking forward to giving you golf lessons as soon as your schedule can fit it in…also I want to personally thank Sabrina, whose professionalism and empathy for clients is comforting for being the one to keep me on point [throughout] therapy…hope to see you guys before the holiday season, but Sabrina, said she will be gone for a whole month…hope her trip is a great one for her and her husband…you guys are great…I wont [be] a stranger, [and] neither should you.

Cal, Pro Staff Institute in Montclair

I’ve never been in a physical therapy facility, I always think weakness every time I thought about those words but it did hit me because I need to go. My thought of it change because Jessica not only helps me with my current condition whole heartedly but, made the atmosphere a wholesome environment during my sessions. I can tell the patients love Jessica, they are all happy to see her and let me tell you she is a good therapist no doubt about it. You should keep her on your company she is a total asset! We love her a lot!

Also, Juan is another person that I would like to thank for. He is a great help to Jessica and a good interpreter too. Both staff are reliable and very hard working.

Mrs. Pascual, Pro Staff Institute in Oakland

My first day of physical therapy at ProStaff (Montclair), we discussed every detail of the recovery process and answered my questions. The staff was very kind, knowledgeable and immediately put my worries at ease. I made some great and quick progress, going from using two crutches, down to one crutch. From there, I spent months working with the amazing staff (really, I can’t say enough nice things about them) on an exercise regime that focused on building leg and core strength. Some of the exercises were pretty tough, but I found I was having fun doing them, and making personal progress was very rewarding. When I finished up my physical therapy there, I was actually sad to go. Tom and his staff took such great care of me and I had fun along the way (yes, you will actually have fun being here!) If I ever need any physical therapy again (hopefully not) I’ll be back to ProStaff.

[Physical therapy] has been working out great, Ken has M.S. and last summer he could not walk due to his balance. It has been 5 months going to [physical therapy] and his balance has improved greatly. He is walking so much better and his muscles in his legs are coming back. We are so grateful for [physical therapy].

Janet Gillies, Pro Staff Institute in Oakland

Complimentary Transportation

In order to maximize your recovery, Pro Staff offers complimentary transportation for patients.

This service is intended for individuals who physically cannot drive due to their injuries, individuals who do not have their own vehicle or vehicle has been totaled due to auto accident, and individuals who cannot get transportation from family members.

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