Dr. Ana Carolina Hidalgo

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Dr. Ana Carolina Hidalgo, PT, DPT

Ana Carolina Hidalgo graduated from the University of Miami in Miami, FL with a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Spanish before obtaining her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Franklin Pierce University in Concord, NH. During her graduate education, Ana Carolina was a part of the executive board of the Student Physical Therapy Association and completed clinical affiliations in a variety of settings, ranging from outpatient orthopedic to skilled nursing and pediatrics. As a licensed physical therapist, she has been exposed to a diverse population of patients encompassing an array of diagnosis in the outpatient setting. Ana Carolina’s passion for dance, movement and science led to the attraction to medicine and healthcare; solidifying her commitment to the field of Physical Therapy. As a Tai Chi instructor for rehabilitation, she aspires to continue her education to be able to increase strength, improve balance and flexibility in her patient population.

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