Dr. Thomas A. Koc Jr.

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Dr. Thomas A. Koc Jr., PT, DPT, Ph.D., CIMT

Director of Montclair

Dr. Thomas A. Koc Jr., Pro Staff Physical Therapy Director of Montclair

Dr. Thomas A. Koc, Jr graduated from Seton Hall University with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2011. He recently received his second doctorate degree, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), with a specialization in Movement Science from Seton Hall University. In June of 2017 he defended “The Intra-rater Reliability of the Clavicular Jump Test” for his dissertation. In October of 2013, he became credentialed as a “Certified Integrated Manual Therapist (CIMT)” through Great Lakes Seminars, where he is one of only ten therapists in the state of New Jersey with this certification. He has a keen interest in treatment with patients with orthopedic, cardiovascular, and pulmonary conditions. He specializes in performing manual therapy techniques that include: joint/soft tissue mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, strain-counter strain, myofascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and airway clearance techniques (chest PT).

Presently, he is also an Adjunct Professor teaching: (1) Management of Cardiopulmonary Problems at Seton Hall University since the Fall of 2014. (2) Exercise Physiology and Management of the Cardiopulmonary System at Kean University since the Spring of 2017. He is also a Credentialed Clinical Instructor through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and serves as an outpatient clinical instructor for Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.

His areas of research and publications include: reliability studies, joint kinematics, manual therapy, orthopedic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neuromuscular disorders.

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